Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

When I listen to the news, it seems like everyone is snowed in but us! However, more faithful than the post office, of whom it has been said, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds," Joyce From This Side of the Pond has persevered through the weather to bring us the Wednesday Hodgepodge and make all our days a little brighter.

1. Every January 1st since 1976 Lake Superior University has published a list of words they'd like to see banished from the Queen's English. Words may be banished due to mis-use, over-use or just general uselessness and they receive over 1000 nominations. Here are the fourteen words/phrases they'd like to see banished in 2011-viral, epic, fail, wow factor, a-ha moment, back story, BFF, man up, refudiate, Mama Grizzlies, The American People, facebook/google when used as verbs, I'm just sayin', and Live life to the fullest.

What word or phrase would you like to see banished from our everyday vocabulary in 2011? You can choose one from the 'official list' or you can get creative and come up with your own.

"went missing" (and "gone missing," "go missing," etc.) This is the most inane and grammatically incorrect phrase I think I have ever heard. It absolutely drives me nuts. And folks use this phrase when referring to both inanimate objects and people. Regarding inanimate objects, the word "inanimate" makes it obvious that the object can not go, nor has it gone, anywhere today, and it went nowhere yesterday. As for people, how can they go missing? If they actively go, they can return so they aren't missing.

I'm just sayin' . . . .

2. Do you consider opportunity something that comes to you or something you create for yourself?

I think opportunities come from God.

3. Since we're all eating healthy this month, ahem, what's included in your favorite salad? Is there dressing?

Leaf lettuce, tiny grape tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, crumbles of hard-boiled egg, grated cheese (this salad is sounding less and less healthy!), and pecans. I have been on a honey-mustard dressing kick for years and finally got sick and tired of it; now I"ll get a vinaigrette or maybe ranch.

4. The fourth Monday in January is said to be Blue Monday...aka the most depressing day of the year. The date was calculated using many factors including weather, debt level, time since Christmas, time since we've failed at our new year resolutions, low motivation and feeling a need to take action. Do you get the blues this time of year and if so what is something you do to lift your spirits?

Yes, and I'm so glad I live in Texas. I would have SAD if I lived way up north. It helps if I get out of the house and do something. And I can deal with the cold as long as the sun is shining. But too many cloudy days make me want to crawl under the covers and not come out!

5. Do you wear a watch? Any other everyday jewelry essentials?

Watch - yes. I also wear my engagement & wedding rings as well as an anniversary ring behind my wedding ring. And I generally have on earrings. If I'm going somewhere other than just running errands I'll wear a necklace, depending on the outfit.

6. What is something useful you learned in high school?

How to drive.

7. Do you use an accountant when completing and filing your income tax returns or do you attempt to muddle through all by yourself?

I use my man, and my man uses TurboTax!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

My kids' weekly youth small groups start up tonight for the spring semester. Which means I'll have an hour or so to read at the local coffee shop!

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Nel said...

How to Drive, that is a good one. I never even thought about it. Enjoyed your answers! Hope to get over and do the Flashback this week, we have been out of pocket the last few weeks.
until next time... nel

quilly said...

#4 -- I do have SAD. I am pretty sure that's why I am so "blah" right now. My new water aerobics class perked me up for a few minutes, but the strength training class brought me right back down! I need sun! (We're supposed to be headed for Hawaii soon, yay!)

I learned to drive in my freshman year of high school -- legal driving age was 14 then in Idaho and Driver's Ed was an actual school class which included book work, minor car maintenance, and time spent driving a real car.

home jobs said...

i read this post.


While all your answers were good, no. 2's answer was the best!! I too believe opportunities come from God!


Jill said...

Your salad description made me hungry! Good answers. : )

Cae said...

Loved your beginning, it reminded me of when I read Christy by catherine marshall, and Christy is stuck trying to get to the town and she ask's the post man, and he says the motto (that really isn't the motto).

I loved your answers! Your salad sounds really good :) Maybe I'll have a new salad to try out now :)

Be glad you don't have snow, it's 7:21 here in MA, and well I think there's more then a foot out there - - - I'm going to shovel after this comment ;)

Have a wonderful day Linday!!


Joyce said...

I always smile when I read your answers because we always have at least one identical thought. I immediately thought of the post office slogan and tried to incorporate it into my title but it was too long. I did read the history of that phrase (which isn't the po) so I learned something new this week : )

We're snowed's beautiful but naturally my hubs is trying to get home from Mexico via Texas...always challenging dealing with airports and snow!

sara said...

yep, we could eat salad together! :)

#4...I am with you...give me cold but give me SUN! I tend to need to get out with friends on days like that!

sorry I haven't been around, this no computer thing is driving me crazy.

Tami said...

Love your answer for number 1. Wish I'd have thought to answer number 2 with more credit to God. I was trying to say that in a way, by saying I miss opportunities by pushing forward to hard with my own agenda, but you said it better! Have a great day!

Maribeth said...

You know as I read your final comment it made me think. I read a lot more when my kids were younger! Do you think it was because I was killing time when they did sports, or I was waiting to pick them up escape the kid craziness?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I forgot about learning to drive!!

:::slaps my hand in disbelief:::

Oh wait. Being from a small town in Alabama, I learned how to drive when I was twelve...not technically high school. I feel vindicated in my answer!

BTW, TurboTax has been a staple in my life for years and years and years!!

Barbara H. said...

I agree about "went missing" or "gone missing" -- like the thing or person did so on their own initiative.

We're on our third snow day and ready for it to all go away.

I did learn how to drive in HS but didn't think about that when I answered.

Michelle said...

Loved your answers.
I finally learned how to drive at age 22.
My dad tried to teach me on a stick but I couldn't catch on. So I only drive automatics.

Hope your having a great week!

Kathy said...

Good answers! That salad sounds great, I love those little grape tomatoes!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Love, loved your answers! Can't believe I didn't think of DRIVE. I mean really! I'm so with you on the sunshine! I have to have it or I get "out of sorts."

A happy rest of the week to you!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your salad sounds delicious. I had a great Cobb salad today at Cheesecake Factory. I get it with ranch, it's my favorite. I feel the same way living in California even if I don't leave the house very often I know that I can. Back in the day we only had simulator drivers ed, it was playing a video game!

Anonymous said...

How to drive - how on earth did I forget that I learned that in high school?!? Great answer.