Monday, January 3, 2011

Opinions, Please!

I know it is a new year and a new week, and life should be getting back to normal. But today is a teacher work day, so my kids don't go back to school until tomorrow. So my brain is still on vacation!

But in the meantime, while I try to get back into some semblance of a routine, I have a question for you: I'm looking to buy an e-reader with some Christmas money I received, and I was wondering what those of you who have one like and don't like about yours. Kindle? Nook? Sony? iPad? (I know the iPad isn't strictly an e-reader, but it has that capability among other features.)

Weigh in and give me your thoughts, please! Thanks!


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IPAD...because it not just an e reader and can do so much more.

Cae said...

If you're looking for for an e-reader I would go for the Nook, because unlike the Kindle, the Nook can use all type of eBooks, not just ones from Barnes & Noble. When you purchase the books from your Nook it will only be Barnes and Noble books, but if you hook it up to the computer any compatible eBook you can download onto the Nook. Does that make sense?

If you want the iPad because it does so many things and has an eBook capability, then I would go for the iPad!

Hope this helps!!

Joyce said...

Well I love my IPad but obviously it's more expensive than the pure readers. I have the kindle and nook app both on my ipad and its especially great for traveling. I'd go for the ipad if you can swing it...I'm also addicted to words with friends there : ) It's ongoing scrabble and so much fun!

Linda said...

The following link is from Michael Hyatt regarding the differences of the e-readers in a comparison chart you can download:

Cathy said...

I responded to your question already on FB.

Tami said...

Hi Linda, I have the Kindle and like it fine. I am hoping for an ipad this year though, since it gives me a lot more than just a reader. I think I will end up fighting my girls for usage of the ipad though. :)
Good luck deciding!

Patrice and Higgins said...

I am not sure, because I have been trying to figure out the same thing. I have several friends with the Kindle and they love them and several with ipad who love them as well too! Tough decision! Good luck. Also, thanks Linda for the link...I am going there now to check it out!

quilly said...

If price isn't a major concern, iPad definitely!

Robin Lambright said...

I have no opinions, but an totally jealous.

Can't wait to hear which on you pick and what you think about it!


I think Kim over at Just a Southern Girl may have a kindel, I think????

Susan said...

I am so glad you asked this question... I've been wanting one too, right now I've got a couple books on my ipod (touch) but want to get a bigger screen! Can't wait to read the many reviews! Thanks again and Happy New Year!!