Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flashback Friday Prompt

Let's flashback to the discipline and punishment of our growing-up years. This week we're focusing on the homes we grew up in; next week we'll think about discipline at school.

Were your parents strict, permissive, or somewhere in-between when you were growing up? Did you tend to be compliant or rebellious? What did you tend to get in trouble for doing? How did your parents discipline/punish you - spankings (and what did they use when spanking), revoking privileges, grounding, time-outs or some other manner? Did both parents handle punishment or did one tend to do it more than the other? (And which one was it?) Is there anything that you have admitted doing since you've been an adult that you got away with as a child? Or is there anything you were punished for that you have since learned your parents had to try hard not to laugh while they were meting out your discipline? If you are a parent, what is something you have done or not done (or vowed you would never do) as a result of your growing-up experiences with discipline?
Note: If you came from an abusive background, please know that I am not trying to dredge up unhappy and difficult memories, nor do I expect you to air your family's dirty laundry in your post. I just thought it would be interesting to see how similar or different our experiences were and how that has impacted our lives today.

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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm in!

bp said...

I wondered if we were gonna keep on a going with our Flashbacks! Great question! I'll be thinking about it today. I had a couple stories that came to mind when I read your questions.

Cindy said...

One thing I did differently with my own kids was that I always was willing to apologize if I reacted out of anger or if I assumed things without hearing their side. I'm at peace knowing I did differently than what I grew up with, by God's grace. I'm not sure I'll participate in this exercise but it does give me things to think about.